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      If you need to claim warranty, you need to do the following: 
      1. Send an email to help@livingbroccoli.com and as for the Warranty Claim Questionnaire
      2. Fill in the Warranty Claim Questionnaire , attach valid proof of purchase and images or pictures of your product damage and resend them to ana@livingbroccoli.com
      a. Valid proof of purchase confirms the date of purchase for warranty coverage
      b. Valid proof or purchase confirms you purchased from a Living Broccoli authorized dealer
      NOTE:  Unfortunately, without a valid form of proof of purchase the warranty is not valid, but we may have other repair options, so please call us.
      d. Images and pictures helps us determine a product defect
      e. Images and pictures helps us identify your specific product for repairs or replacement parts
      Once we receive proof of purchase and product image(s) we will email or call you within 2-business days to confirm if your product breakage is covered under our warranty policy or provide other repair options.
      Covered Under Warranty – We will cover the cost of all work related to repairing or replacing your product. We will send you complete instructions together with the information to pick up your package.
      Not Covered Under Warranty – If for whatever reason your product is deemed not to be covered under our warranty policy we will send you an estimate for the cost to repair or replace your product. Once agreed with you we will send you complete instructions together with the information to pick up package.