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      At Living Broccoli, we believe in holistic sustainability: we prioritize being both Environmentally and Socially Responsible.  

      Each of our products is hand made by Central American artisans. We hope to empower those who collaborate with us by giving them a chance to work creatively and honorably. 

      We celebrate the incredible individuals who are helping us transform waste material into upcycled, beautiful products just for you!

      Learn more about the artisans that help bring our products to life!


      Gloria García,
      Santa Tecla, El Salvador.
      I really love my job since you always learn something new, different types of products are made and it generates economic profitability. In addition, the satisfaction of being able to create something that generates a profit and positive impact makes me feel proud.
      Catalino Cruz,
      Santiago Texacuangos, El Salvador.

      For 50 years I have learned to create products and design under the trend of "Leather Goods". This has helped me get ahead, financially support my family and share talent from generation to generation.
      Kenia Ruiz,
      Santa Tecla, El Salvador.
      For a few years I learned a lot about sewing, it helps me stay entertained and generate income for me and my family. Without a doubt, this profession is quite creative and I am very happy to contribute to a great cause, especially with the environment, through the creation of these upcycled products.
      Juan Galdamez,
      Santa Tecla, El Salvador.
      For 25 years I have learned to create and design products and this made me passionate about the world of sewing. For me it's important that clients are happy with the final result and that generates personal and professional satisfaction since I have put a smile on them.