We Love To Work With People

At Living Broccoli we want to help in every way we can. In order to create a larger impact we need align with larger entities that have our same interests. Our social Responsibility Program unites us to corporations making them our Green Partners. We believe that working with corporations allows them to promote a healthier workplace environment and creates a greater and greener impact on society. Our Green Partners allow Living Broccoli to spread throughout the country, raising awareness and educating the people of El Salvador about the conservation of Our Planet Earth. El Salvador needs education and our Living Broccoli philosophy does just that.

For our corporate line we are developing programs that are extremely innovative. A way in which we achieve this is through corporate gifts and bags. Offering businesses the opportunity to reuse materials from their billboards to create truly unique products; tailor made for their needs. This allows them to not only promote their business both internally and externally but also makes more socially responsible, reducing their carbon footprint.

Doing things that benefit our Earth, makes them that much better.