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New PDF release: Basic Endgame Strategy Queens and Rooks

By Bill Robertie

ISBN-10: 0940685892

ISBN-13: 9780940685895

A advisor to endgame process which exhibits the fundamental checkmating rules and mixtures had to end off rivals. avid gamers the right way to translate middlegame merits into victories, tips to use the king as a weapon, transparent the best way for rook friends and realize tactical mixtures.

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Uh2 it would have been better to make a more useful move, for example 25 . . cifth7. 26 .. Ug2 l:tae8 Here too 27 . . a5 was more useful. 28 'ifa3 :11 29 :c3 a6 If Tal himself exchanges queens, this must imply that he considered his position to be won after the exchange. 32 ifb4 was also worth considering. 32 ... :xb8 33 :t1 ltJh2 Again 'pursuing' the repetition of moves after 34 l:tf4 ltJg4, but Tal is in no way satisfied with a draw. 34 l:tc1 �e8 34 . . Uf3! was stronger, after which Tal had in mind 35 l:txc6.

Llxf4+ 32 l:txf4 itxf4 33 'Llf6+ White would have won a piece. c3 lied8 (see next diagram) Black has no useful moves, and he can only passively await the outcome. ic7 39 ts �ea White had only one more move to make before the time control, and, instead of 40 The last move in the game that required accu racy! 62 � GAME 1 6 47 TAL - BOTVI N N I K �fa 48 l:. b6 �g8 49 �f4 �h7 24th-25th Apri l 1 96 1 Game 1 6 How can Black hope to save an endgame, in which h e has had to spend so many tempi on decentralising his king?

Such positions were unusually i nteresting to analyse with Tal , but simply impossible to defend at the board. However, 1 2 a4! , recommended by interna­ tional master Oleg Moiseev, came into consideration, after which Black should evidently continue 1 2 . . b7 with a compli­ cated game. 12 13 �e6 'il¥xd8 White's desire to stabilise the position is understandable: the knight at b6 lacks support and White is aiming for the end­ game. 13 . xd8 Underesti mating the danger. 1 4 a4 was essential - the knight at b6 needs help.

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Basic Endgame Strategy Queens and Rooks by Bill Robertie

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