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By John Emms

Fed up with having to benefit quite a bit commencing conception? suffering to maintain with the entire most up-to-date advancements? Then this publication may be the reply to all of your difficulties! Grandmaster John Emms bargains a brand new arsenal of commencing guns with which to assault in your unaware competitors. beginning with the movement 1 e4, the reader is armed with platforms opposed to all attainable black defences. In each one case studying principles is extra very important than memorising lengthy adaptations, so this repertoire could be excellent for gamers who don¿t have the luxurious of having the ability to spend numerous hours learning conception. each one line is simple to benefit and play, yet will they'll nonetheless pose your opponent with tricky difficulties to unravel over the board.

*All attainable defences to at least one e4 are covered
*Written through a battle-hardened 1 e4 player
*Ideal for membership and event avid gamers

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T h e cautious 9 . . R - K i is best here. Doubtless carried away by the prospect of being able to play the "beautiful" 12 . . N x Q P , Pilnik overlooks the simple fact that his opponent may not mind having to reply 13 PxN. CONTINUED: 13 BPxP 13 PxN 14 QxR 15 WERE: q l ! NxQP!? , 15 . . B - N a , 16 PxP PxP, 17 Pilnik found himself with virtually game. ruins after B-B4 a lost KING'S INDIAN DEFENCE In the game Koblentz-A. Geller, Riga, 1962, Black again ventured the dubious 11 . . , after 9 .

N - Q N 5 w o u l d not threaten a Bishop on Q 3 ) N - K N 5 , 12 N x N B x N ch, 13 P x B B x N , 14 P - K 5 P - K B 3 , with at least equality. White's fourth alternative is . . 10 B Q 3 N QR3 11 B - K 3 N QN5 12 B - Q N i ? PLAY NOW 12 O - O - O is relatively best here. CONTINUES: 12 . . N - K N 5 , 13 N x N Q B x N , 14 P - Q R 3 Q R - Q i ! , and W h i t e cannot take the K n i g h t — a n d 15 . . N - Q 6 comes next, with a big plus for Black. 4i KING'S INDIAN DEFENCE FOUR PAWNS A T T A C K W h e n White permits the freeing manoeuvre .

K6 ch! RxB Q Q3 BxQ, BxP with a won game for Black. NO P KING'S INDIAN QB4 DEFENCE T h e problem of h o w to keep B o b b y Fischer " q u i e t " — i . e . , in a reasonably passive position—is one w h i c h has proved insoluble to most of the world's greatest masters in recent years. A t Skopje, 1967, the Russian player K h o l m o v tried to do it by omitting P - Q B 4 from the W h i t e king's fianchetto variation. T h i s plan worked alright for the first ten moves, but then W h i t e played one " k e e p q u i e t " m o v e too many, instead of casting around for something a little more creative.

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Attacking with 1 e4 by John Emms

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