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By L.S. Cederbaum, K.C. Kulander, N.H. March, K. Codling, L.J. Frasinski, H. Friedrich, T.F. Gallagher, K.J. Schafer, P.S. Schmelcher

ISBN-10: 3540610154

ISBN-13: 9783540610151

This article is anxious with the constitution and bonding of atoms and molecules in extreme fields. themes lined contain: molecules in excessive laser fields; field-induced chaos and chaotic scattering; and microwave multiphoton excitation and ionization.

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As shown in Fig. 7, for 100 eV Xe bombardment essentially only adatoms and surface vacancies are formed; at higher energies bulk vacancies are also created up to the fifth or ninth layer for 600eV or 3keV bombardment, respectively. Considering the depth of origin of the adatoms and sputtered atoms, Gades and Urbassek note that adatoms come from increasingly larger depths for higher impact energies: while at 100 eV they all originate from the first layer, for 600 eV bombardment more than 10% come from the second layer; at 3 keV the surface becomes very rough and even atoms from the fifth layer may end up as adatoms, with about 60% coming from the topmost layer.

This spatial separation is a sign of the production mechanism of interstitiais via RCSs which separate the remaining interstitials from the vacancies left at the start of the sequence. No interstitials are found close to the surface as they can easily decay there, either forming adatoms or annihilating with vacancies. 72] carried out a detailed MD simulation of rare-gas bombardment of a P t ( l l l ) surface to address specifically the formation of adatoms and of surface and bulk vacancies. 74] on adatom formation and sputtering by individual ion impacts on Pt(111) described above (see Fig.

MD simulation data of temperature and density profiles at three instants of time in a collision cascade in Cu initiated by a 5keV recoil. 2 Displacement Cascades and Generation of Defects 23 during the collision phase and the vast majority of displacements can be attributed to the thermal-spike phase. 65-67] also has important implications for defect production. Only those interstitial atoms that are transported beyond the boundaries of the melt zone survive eventual recombination. 2 with respect to the modified KP relation.

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Atoms and Molecules in Intense Fields by L.S. Cederbaum, K.C. Kulander, N.H. March, K. Codling, L.J. Frasinski, H. Friedrich, T.F. Gallagher, K.J. Schafer, P.S. Schmelcher

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