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By M. Florkin (Eds.)

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Indefinite areas ? 6. What polymerized compounds stabilized the eobionts (coacervate drops) ? 7. What were the first nucleoproteins ? Did RNA precede DNA in the biopoesis ? 8. What is the origin of long-chain lipids ? What was contained in the first lipid-covered vesicles (organelles) ? 9. What is the history of the nucleated cell ? Inorganic Precursors SH CH4 C02 Me(Feetc) {P02(Ori>)}~ /Inorganic \ orthophosphates Simple carbonamides Vegetable acids and alcohols Phosphocyanate [PO(OH)2] n Metaphosphates Small organic molecules Polymers | Proteins FIG.

The biosphere and organic beings are closely associated with sedimentary formations. The earliest sedimentary formations were now laid down on the basis of the persistent nuclei of ancient rocks. The schists of the Keewatin formations of the American continent are estimated to be more than 2-5 x io 9 years old. Schists of the same type, found in Kambove in West Africa are credited with an age of more than 2-2 x io 9 years. The Svinion gneisses of Karelia are thought to be more than 2-i x io 9 years old.

The general picture of biopoesis described above seems to fall into seven distinguishable stages set out in Table i. This provisional division is based essentially on the degree of coherence and organisation of the effective sub-vital or vital unit. In the first stage there is no degree of coherence. The whole or part of the hydrosphere—oceans or lakes—is the seat of the essential micromolecular prevital process. In the second stage further biochemical evolution occurs in concentrations determined by more or less fixed mineral aggregates forming extensive sub-vital units.

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