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Hal Marcovitz's Are Video Games Harmful? (In Controversy) PDF

By Hal Marcovitz

ISBN-10: 1601521251

ISBN-13: 9781601521255

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Syracuse University studied 100 players of massively multiplayer online role-playing games and found that for the most part, such players suffer from poorer overall health, poorer quality of sleep, and more difficulty socializing with others than people who do not play those games. (c) 2011 ReferencePoint Press. All Rights Reserved. 51 CHAPTER FOUR Do Young Gamers Risk Their Health and Well-Being? A s a dedicated player of World of Warcraft, Brian Alegre often allowed himself no more than 30 seconds for a bathroom break before rushing back to the game.

This is the pleasure center of the brain. When the ventral tegmentum is stimulated, it provides the body “I only saw with pleasurable feelings. happiness in his This area of the brain is rich in chemicals known as eyes if he was neurotransmitters, which carry messages from brain cell to playing the game or talking about brain cell. Among the neurotransmitters found in this area the game. The of the brain are dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and game consumed endorphin. These neurotransmitters affect emotions.

Video Games and the Prefrontal Cortex The area of the brain that controls impulsive actions is known as the prefrontal cortex. Located just behind the forehead, the prefrontal cortex is one of the last areas of the brain to develop. In most people the prefrontal cortex is still under development past the age of 20. That is why teenagers often act impulsively— their prefrontal cortexes have not yet matured, preventing them from reacting to situations with calmness and reason. Child psychologist David Walsh, the president of the National Institute on Media and the Family, says the manner in which Devin Moore committed three murders indicates that he acted impulsively.

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Are Video Games Harmful? (In Controversy) by Hal Marcovitz

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