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By Anatoly Karpov

ISBN-10: 0713478438

ISBN-13: 9780713478433

Author's preface: "I have performed a big volume of match and fit video games in the course of my lengthy chess profession, approximately 2,500 altogether. From these video games, i've got chosen in basic terms 300 for this booklet, - the video games I ponder my most sensible and such a lot instructive ones.

My target was once to symbolize my most dear artistic achievements of the thirty years that experience handed, from 1966 until 1996. the choice used to be subordinated to the subsequent 3 standards: powerful opponent, stressful struggle, and instructive worth. for this reason this number of video games might be taken care of additionally as a contemporary chess guide ebook, as the video games have been performed mostly within the most powerful occasions of the final thirty years.

Under one of these strict choice method, many attention-grabbing and instructive video games in addition to easily attractive fragments may have unavoidably been lacking during this e-book, if the video games were incorporated into it merely totally. hence, the ultimate bankruptcy features a variety of my most sensible combos and finals that are crucial for attaining the abovementioned aim; with out them, this paintings might were incomplete.

I nonetheless play much and nonetheless in attaining event successes, so it'd be untimely to simply accept this publication as my ultimate account. I truly desire to play a couple of strong video games in upcoming occasions and to elevate my very own account of match triumphs (I have over one hundred forty of them lately - greater than any participant in chess history). although, such a lot of chessfriends had expressed their wish to have this booklet instantly that i made a decision to organize this kind of an intermediate file on my 30 years in chess. permit studying this paintings convey you excitement and increase your knowing of chess internal common sense, intensity and beauty."

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Download e-book for kindle: Anatoly Karpov's Best Games by Anatoly Karpov

Author's preface: "I have performed a tremendous quantity of match and fit video games in the course of my lengthy chess profession, approximately 2,500 altogether. From these video games, i've got chosen purely 300 for this e-book, - the video games I think about my most sensible and so much instructive ones. My target used to be to symbolize my most dear inventive achievements of the thirty years that experience handed, from 1966 until 1996.

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And my opponent, for whom the French Defence was then and is to this day a fundamen­ tal weapon for Black in reply to 1 e4, had prepared a quite rare continu­ ation. The aim of it is to prevent the bishop appearing on b5. Besides that, when the occasion arises he is prepared to play . . tg5 gives White nothing: 8 ... te3 l:te8 1 3 l:tad1 lLlf5 ! te6. lLle7 8 lLlbc6 9 0-0 38 Skopje 1976 J. g4 10 :et Both sides are making their own moves, seemingly with little regard for the other. The battle is being fought around the critical d4square.

G4 54 Montreal l 979 Black's attack is developing easily and naturally. Not a shadow remains of White's opening advan­ tage, and on the contrary he is watching with alarm as events de­ velop on the kingside. e 1 Black increases the pressure with 1 5... b4 ! 1 4 ... e8 Of course, I could have played 14 . . lDxh2 1 5 �xh2 'ili'h4+, imme­ diately forcing a draw. But now the threat of the knight sacrifice on h2 is not so harmless, since the rook would be included in the game along the sixth rank with decisive effect: 15 .

28 h4 llc6 (D) Continuing the same mistaken plan. Korchnoi clearly underesti­ mated his opponent's idea, which is described after the next move. 29 llxdS! White immediately gains a bishop and pawn for the rook, and besides, the beleaguered black f3-pawn is already under attack by the king, and the queenside pawns are also becoming objects for at­ tack. d4 c6 32 lieS (D) Korchnoi may have underesti­ mated the power of this move. If he had played 32 lld7, Black would have had the very strong reply 32 .

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Anatoly Karpov's Best Games by Anatoly Karpov

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