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Mikhail Botvinnik's Anatoly Karpov - His Road to the World Championship PDF

By Mikhail Botvinnik

ISBN-10: 0080211380

ISBN-13: 9780080211381

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30 . . K-N5 P xP 33 N-B7 N-B2 31 P xP N(Q2)-B3 34 N-Q8 32 N-K5 K-B4 35 N-K2 The QRP is no weaker than Black's KP. 35 . . NxP 3 7 N(Q8) xP N-1<2 36 N-Q4 N-Q4 38 N x BP! Clears the board completely. 38 . . NxN 40 K-B2 NxP 39 P-N4 N-R5 + Or 40 . N-B3 4 1 N xP N x P + 42 K-N3. 41 NxN K xP 42 N-K6 N-N3 Drawn. . 38 THE S EMI-FINAL MATCH Game 5. Nimzo-Indian Defence Karpov-Spassky April 22nd P-Q4 7 0-0 1 N-KB3 N-B3 P-QB4 P-K3 8 P-QR3 2 B xN 9 PxB B-N5 3 N-QB3 QP xP 4 N-B3 P-B4 10 B xBP Q-B2 5 P-K3 11 B-Q3 P-Q4 0-0 6 B-Q3 It has long been known that this continuation gives White no advan.

N-Q4+ 26 R-QBl Black limits the mob iii ty of the Wh ite king and the knight at N3, and also cuts off White's KRP from his KNP. However, this is not sufficient for a real advantage. 29 N-Q3 K-Q3 SPASSKY-KARPOV, 4TH GAME 37 After 29 . . P-N5 30 N-KB1 N(Q2)-B3 3 1 N-K3 K-Q3 32 P-N3, by exchanging his KRP for Black's QNP, White again obtains an equal ending. 30 P-R4! The simplest way to a draw. By diverting the Black king to the Q-side, White achieves essential simplification on the K-side. 30 .

Would have allowed Black to confuse matters. Karpov naturally prefers to maintain his great positional advantage, which guarantees him a win without any complications. N-QS 30 . . Black also loses after 3 0 . . B-R3 3 1 P x N B x B 32 N-K4. N x P(B4) 32 R-N6! 3 1 PxP This leads to decisive material gains. B-B3 31 . . 33 R-Rl + ! After 33 R x QP Black can still hold on by 33 . . K-N2 (but not 33 . . B xB ? 3 4 R x NP B-R5 35 R-R l R-B5 3 6 R-R6 + when he can resign). 33 . . If 33 . . K-Nl , 3 4 R x QP wins.

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Anatoly Karpov - His Road to the World Championship by Mikhail Botvinnik

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