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Download PDF by Philippe Besnard: An Introduction to Default Logic

By Philippe Besnard

ISBN-10: 3642080782

ISBN-13: 9783642080784

ISBN-10: 3662056895

ISBN-13: 9783662056899

This e-book is written when you have an interest in a fonnalization of human reasoning, specially that allows you to construct "intelligent" computers. therefore, it's generally designed for the bogus Intelligence group, either scholars and researchers, even though it could be necessary for individuals operating in similar fields like cognitive psychology. the most important subject isn't synthetic Intelligence functions, even though those are mentioned all through in caricature fonn. particularly, the booklet locations a heavy emphasis at the fonnal improvement of default good judgment, effects and difficulties. Default good judgment offers a fonnalism for a tremendous a part of human reasoning. Default good judgment is in particular interested in good judgment reasoning, which has lately been famous within the synthetic Intelligence literature to be of primary value for wisdom illustration. formerly, fonnalized reasoning platforms failed in genuine global environments, even though succeeding with a suitable ratio in well-defined environments. this case enabled empirical explorations and the layout of structures with out theoretical justification. specifically, they can no longer be in comparison due to the fact that there has been no foundation to pass judgement on their respective benefits. Default good judgment grew to become out to be very fruitful by means of proving the correctness of a few of them. we are hoping that this booklet will begin different winning advancements in default logic.

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B. E ~where A E 'Ei and -,Bt, ... ,-,Bn ~ 'E} c Then 'E is an extension of (51, ~) iff 'E = u:o 'Ei. 2 General Properties of Default Theories 45 Proof We make use of two lemmas. First Lemma: ~(~ k u: 0 'Ei We prove this by showing that (i), (ii) and (iii) below hold. First, (i) Jf k u:o 'Ei holds by definition. Second, (ii) Th(U:o 'Ei) = u:o 'Ei also holds: A proof of the non-trivial inclusion is as follows. Let A be a sentence of""Th(u: 0 'Ei). t S of ui=O 'Ei such that A E Th(S). Since for any i, 'Ei k 'Ei+ 1 and since S k ui=O 'Ei is finite, there exists k such that s k 'Ek.

FRIEND (Alan,Dan) 1 Notice that such beliefs might explain why John bet against Becker -regardless of which player appears to be the best-. The reason behind such a behaviour could be that John thought "well if Becker loses, at least it won't be all bad". 34 5 Presentation of Default Logic In all examples presented, defaults are used only when ground terms are substituted for the variables. Thus, an application of a default can be identified with an operation that involves only sentences and, in this respect, application of defaults is similar to deductive inference, in the sense that both express a relation between propositions.

Given two extensions 'E and <£' of a default theory, whenever 'E ~ <£' then <£ = <£'. Proof 'E and <£' are minimal supersets of 5I closed under first order deducibility and the rule "if A is in the set then C is in the set, provided that A :B1, ... ,B. Bn is not in the set". Consequently,<£'~ 'E. D. The last result of this section belongs to the folklore of default logic. 23. A default theory (J'I, ~) has exactly one extension if {B I 1\ ... •B. c is consistent with respect to 5I. 7, the assumption needs to be considered only for the case where Ylu {BJA.

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An Introduction to Default Logic by Philippe Besnard

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