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M. M. Botvinnik's Alekhine vs. Euwe Return Match 1937 PDF

By M. M. Botvinnik

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I haven 't exaggerated. Don After facing an interesting pawn Jose literally pushed the pieces round the board without making sacrifice in the opening Capablanca moves. He just put them in fresh has emerged a pawn up in the end­ positions where he thought they game. Yet how exactly should he go about winning? were needed. For Capablanca it would be rather "Suddenly everything became clear. The correct scheme of things easy to see a good configuration for had been set up alld now the win the White pieces by putting his was easy.

Wh6 4 I �xg4 a5 4 2 e4 when it is While who wins. 4 1 'it>xg4 �h6 0: 1 IS a Wtn. l x f4 25 tf'lxe6 I;txe6 26 �e5 IH5 27 'i'xe4 dxe4 2 8 J::l: x d 7 z:rfxe5 2 9 �el lIc I 30 �f1 �f7 3 1 1ld4 ? Accord ing to Botv i n n i k endgames Paw n can Fischer · Petrosian Aires em 1971 Buenos 1 e4 c5 2 tZlf3 e6 3 d4 cxd4 4 It)xd4 a6 5 �d3 LDc6 6 It)xc6 bxc6 7 0-0 d5 8 c4! e7 1 2 lta4+! b5 axb5 14 'i'xa8 0-0. e3 0-0 •.. lxc I + 22 lt)xd7+! Exchanging off B lack ' s bad bishop like this looks like a be gi n ­ ner's move.

Threatening 5 1 . . l:tc2 and, after the knight moves, 5 1 .. , nc2 is mate. :[-h2 52 a4 l:th3+ 53 'it>a lDb3 54 '1t �2 lDxcl 55 'it>xh3 bxa4 56 lLlxa4 lDe2 57 b5 c3 58 b6 c2 59 lDc5+ 'it>d5 60 lLlb3 60 lDd3 is met by 60 . . lDf4+ 6 1 lDxf4+ exf4 62 b7 c I ='i' 6 3 b8='i' � h l # and 60 b7 by 60 . . c 1 ='i' 6 1 b8='i' 'ii'h 1 #. 60 ... 'i»c6 61 g2 'it>xb6 0 : I 94 Endgame Battles Endgame Battles 95 KM 1 8/2 : I ) Black to play KM 1 8/2: 2) Black to play Month 1 8IWeek 3: Open d-and c-files KM 1 8/2: 3) Black to play KM 1 8/2: 4) Black to play Positions in which both sides have had the d- and c-pawns exchanged are very common indeed and often involve the exchange of queens as well .

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Alekhine vs. Euwe Return Match 1937 by M. M. Botvinnik

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