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Advances in Microbial Physiology - download pdf or read online

By R.K. Poole (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0120277409

ISBN-13: 9780120277407

This quantity is a part of a sequence which supplies debts of growth in microbial biology.

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In other cases it is debatable. , 1979). In the natural environment, however, the presence of glucose dehydrogenase may give bacteria an advantage over competitors for a variety of reasons and this is discussed below. 45 PQQ AND QUINOPROTEINS Glucose Glucose 8 P - EmbdenMeyerhof pathway (glycolysls) Gluconate 6-Phosphogluwnate 2-Ketogluconate t 2ketogluconate 8-P Entner-Doudoroff pethway Hexose monophosphate pathway Figure 16 Alternative pathways for glucose metabolism. The abbreviation Pts refers to the PEP-linked phosphotransferase system.

C, Cyt. co 0, kudn Cyt. co 0, Organlsm 4025 high copper MDH -Cyt. ,,, Cyt. aa3 - O, Figure 13 Electron transport chains ofmethylotrophs. The details of these chains are discussed in Anthony (1992b). g. g. c - - + \ \ \ \r f w l f ' \ r 'Azurln' Cyt. co - 0 2 / 'Azurln' Qulnohaemoprotein alcohol dehydrogenase (type Ill) (membranes) Acetic acid bacteria : Acefobacfer and Gluconobacter ADH -haemsc - UQ Cyt. bo alternative oxidase - 0, 0, 0 2 Figure 14 Electron transport chains involved in the oxidation of alcohols.

The PQQ is shown in the active site stacked between the hydrophobic Trp243 and the disulphide ring. PQQ AND QUINOPROTEINS 35 must pass through the protein to the ubiquinone in the membrane. Although this must also involve transfer of the electrons one at a time, this can be by a rapid direct route between the two redox centres; it is not necessary for a stable semiquinone to be formed, and indeed no semiquinone has ever been observed in glucose dehydrogenase. This is perhaps consistent with the absence of the novel disulphide ring structure present in the alcohol dehydrogenases.

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Advances in Microbial Physiology by R.K. Poole (Eds.)

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