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Download e-book for kindle: Advances in Marine Biology, Vol. 10 by Frederick S. Russell, Maurice Yonge (Eds.)

By Frederick S. Russell, Maurice Yonge (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0120261103

ISBN-13: 9780120261109

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Antarcticw Kirkpatrick), Suberites montiniger Carter, Artemisina apollinis (Ridley and Dendy), Hymedesmia simillima Lundbeck and H . longurius Lundbeck are all species which occur in both the Arctic and Antarctic and do not extend far into adjacent waters. Plakina monolopha Schulze, P . triZopha, Esperiopsis villosa (Carter) and Desmacidon fruticosa (Montagu) occur in both hemispheres but rather in temperate or subtropical waters. Other species which could be considered bipolar are Stylocordyla borealis Loven, Amphilectus fucorum (Esper), Adocia flagellifer (Ridley and Dendy), Aplysilla sulphurea Schulze and Halisarca dujardini Johnston.

Of these Fungiacyathus symmetricus is a cosmopolitan deep-water species recorded from a few scattered localities within the limit of the Antarctic Convergence, and Balanophyllia chnous is known only from the Ross Sea. Two species, Flabellurn impensum and Caryophyllia antarctica extend north to southern South America, while the remaining four species are endemic. Five species, Gardineria lilliei, G. antarctica, Flabellurn antarctica, P. impensum and Caryophyllia antarctica appear to be circumpolar in distribution, although the records for some species are sparse.

At 2 200 m the upper depth limit of Ammomarginula ensis Wiesner, and the upper limits of abundance of Haplophragmoides rotulatum (Brady) are reached, while Hyperammina novaezealandia, a species of Rhabdammina, Reophax SUbfUSifOrmiS Earland, Bathysiphon discreta (Brady), Miliammina arenacea (Chapman) and Reophax subdentaliniformis Parr reach their lower limit. Boundaries were postulated at 475 m (McKnight)andat 515 and 1 134 m (Pflum), so that there appears to be a degree of agreement between these different workers.

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Advances in Marine Biology, Vol. 10 by Frederick S. Russell, Maurice Yonge (Eds.)

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