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Harald Kellhack, Rainer Schlenker's 1...Sc6! aus allen Lagen PDF

By Harald Kellhack, Rainer Schlenker

ISBN-10: 3931192016

ISBN-13: 9783931192013

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A7 h3t 1 0. a8Wi t h7 1 2 . b3! �e4 �c7 30 . Wic6 was an alternative, although the bishop ending looks very difficult for Black. Ex. £5! fxg5, then 34 . :Ji. g3. :Ji. d2!? followed by fi. c3, but Geller decided on a typical endgame strategy: extending the sphere of operations. ' White wants to provoke a second weakness on the kingside. g4! b4 ( 1 point) 22 ... b5 (planning ... 'i:h l ± followed by h3-h4. 'i:gl ± preparing g2-g4. fi. c2!? followed by fi. b3. Each of the last three suggestions earns you 2 points.

Tt:l e6t f6 27. l'l:ael +-. �xf2t! 5 4 3 After 28 . \Wxf2 there follows a double check 29. tt:l h7t! and then 29 . . '1Wxf2 l'l:xh7t 3 l . \Wd4t+-. ci>hl? White has a very good idea. After 26 ... fXg2t he will sacrifice the exchange and attack down the g-file. Unfortunately he overlooked his opponent's very first move! h4!? (preparing h2) is not very clear: 26 . . fXg2 27. \Wxh5t g800) 28 . l'l:fXg2 if6+ The modest 26. fl ! is better: 26 . \Wa6t (26 . . l'l:xg2 tt:l xg2 28. xg2�) 27.

CtJ c6!. cj;lc7 "1We7t 53. lJe3-+ Black has a technically won endgame. Another good option was: 53 . '1We8t 54. Va �nia;.. 6 5 Baku 1 977 4 Black begins a combination. But he overlooks White's dangerous counter-attack. hh3? 20 . . Wg7! 1"le5 Jic6t 1 a b c d e f g h 36 Counterplay On the other hand, 20 . . h7? +-. 'Wxh3 'Wxf2t 22 . ixf2t 23. hl g7 If 23 . \Wxc2, then: 24. l'l:xf2t transposes to the game) 28. tt:l h7t +- Diagram 3-8 8 Everything looks fine, but it is White's move and he can attack.

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1...Sc6! aus allen Lagen by Harald Kellhack, Rainer Schlenker

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